24 A Jew by the name of Apollos had come to Ephesus. He was from the city of Alexandria. He could talk to people about the Holy Writings very well. 25 He had been taught in the way of the Lord. And with a strong desire in his heart, he taught about Jesus. What he said was true, but he knew only about the baptism of John.

26 He began to speak without fear in the Jewish place of worship. Aquila and Priscilla heard him. They took him to their house and taught him much more about the things of God.27 Apollos wanted to cross over to Greece. The Christians wrote a letter to the followers there asking them to be good to him. When he got there, he was much help to those who had put their trust in Christ.28 In front of everyone he proved with great power that the Jews were wrong. He showed from the Holy Writings that Jesus was the Christ.

Acts 18 NLV

Some people say oh i’m with God but they fall at the first temptation.
Its crazy because I was that person.
Then God showed me resilience.
Me coming from sports and skateboarding, falling and getting back up repeatedly, needed a lesson on resilience, spiritual this time.
Even if its suffering you have to repeat i’ll go with God no matter what.
If you needa cry, cry.
It gives strength to your inner self.
You’ll suffer with that internal pain if you hold it in.
Some take forever to cry but explode when they do.
We also need to learn to forgive.
One minute the early pentecostal church didn’t know there was a holy spirit.
The next they were full blown speaking in tongues.
God reserves a place in each persons lives to change them.
We have to give ourselves to Him to let Him discover that place.