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“At that time the holy nation of heaven will be like ten women who have never had men. They took their lamps and went out to meet the man soon to be married. Five of them were wise and five were foolish. The foolish women took their lamps but did not take oil with them. The wise women took oil in a jar with their lamps. They all went to sleep because the man to be married did not come for a long time.

“At twelve o’clock in the night there was a loud call, ‘See! The man soon to be married is coming! Go out to meet him!’ Then all the women got up and made their lamps brighter.The foolish women said to the wise women, ‘Give us some of your oil because our lamps are going out.’ But the wise women said, ‘No! There will not be enough for us and you. Go to the store and buy oil for yourselves.’ 10 While they were gone to buy oil, the man soon to be married came. Those who were ready went in with him to the marriage. The door was shut.

11 “Later the foolish women came. They said, ‘Sir, Sir, open the door for us!’ 12 But he said to them, ‘For sure, I tell you, I do not know you!’ 13 So watch! You do not know what day or what hour the Son of Man is coming.

Matthew NLV

This passage is a parabal to it.
In the old times they used to bible study everyday.
What happened to that?
There is the believer who lost their first love.
They don’t have interest or desire.
They don’t pray, congregate, or rea the bible.
When trumpet sounds those who are with God will go.
There will never be such a bad time as the great tribulation coming forth after the rapture.
It will be like birth pains, the bible says.
Church will go through dark, cold, and sleepy times.
But, there will be a revival in the hearts of many.
Some times we go through situations that we don’t notice are corrupting us.
If you dont notice it will keep on.
But if you do notice then you’d stop whatever it is that got you there.
People are already learning how to survive; they’ve floating manmade islands already.

Back to the bible story, five of them had oil and made it.
The other five knocked and said let us in but weren’t let in.
The ones who had said go get some.
There will be some who will take us away from God or will at least try to.
And we should say no you stay there.
Lest we be like the ones who went to get more oil.
Even to our own family.
Dress yourself first with God and truth.
If you have leftovers give them.
We won’t be saved by the force or strength of anyone else.
Not even by your mom or dad
Noone knows the date or time He will come.

These time are terrible
One spouse lives in CA and one in NY.
Oh we have kids they’re virtual.
I don’t even get it.
Peoplr are increasinly more desperate.
Amphibious and flying cars.
Times are progressing and so are people.
Demons will go flying around in the end times and will torment humans, but the humans will not die.
Let’s not be scared of what’s gonna go on cuz we ain’t gonna be here
Those in the world will suffer,
But we will stay safe.

God bless all.