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It’s interesting to think how a whole third of God’s angels fell wih satan in their big rebellion.

You have to mantain yourself reading the bible.
It goes without say that it’s God’s Holy Word.
It feeds you spiritually.

We are wonderful fragrances to God.
Let’s keep it that way by maintaining our Christian ways.

People love to leave God’s things for last.
I want people to be saved today.
I want it all to happen today.
I want to feel God’s presence today.

Now on to some social advices.

If you’re bothered by someone about something that happened in the past, seriously, let it go.
Say it; “I’m not gonna give the devil his pleasure.”

Even if youre in love with a person dont let your emotions drive you.
Stories of people who leave church because of their significant other.
Control yourself and be mature.

God bless.