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The gifts God has given to the church are many.
They’re to lift up His Name.
In every form possible.
Aren’t you thankul for the gifts He’s given you?

There is an uprising of prohoets here and there and everywhere, really.
The Bible to be careful of false prophets that have gone out to confuse the church.
Many so called prophets have the mavelous, and sometimes horrendous, plans than God apparently has.
God has plans but you have to be careful out there who you listen to.
This prophet and that prophet…
I mean,
Where’s your church?
Be careful of false prophets there are many that have gotten into the world
Use discernment always.
If you don’t have it or lack a few screws in the head, just ask God.
Voice of God is the Bible.
Read it.
Love it.
Hear it.