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Used to love westerners.
You know, those old guys on horses screaming yeehaw!?
No seriously they were my thing.
Stopped watching them though because they’d kill and murder lefta and right.
I mean if you go looking for the bad guy i get it.
Coming from a gun lover too.
But these shows were just trigger happy people playing around wih bullets in each other’s chests.
I mean in the ten commandments…
Bible says not to kill.
Lol, seriously.
There are some people who are hooked way more than I was on different kids of shows.
These soap operas and Novellas people watch are seriously baity.
These people watch and watch and know every character and event it’s crazy.
It’s not only women and girls either; some guys are too!
I didn’t say men, cause, you know, I just don’t think that’s the kind of show a MAN would watch.
But some guys are baited too.
I honestly don’t recommend wasting your time on this.
When it comes on pray and talk to God for a bit.
That show duration would b better spent hearing God talk about your drama.
No reason to fall in love with drama; it changes your personality.
Jesus is coming soon.
He is literally right at the door.
We can’t be wasting time every day.
I love wasting time which explains my love for Colt Ford’s hit “Waste Some Time.”
And you should too, but don’t let it go too loose.
Remember the story from Bible of the Ten Virgins?
Five stayed waiting for their respective bridegrooms and five went to refill their oillamps and ended husbandless.
Don’t be like that.

It’s a strong word isn’t it?
People have a problem.
I was like that.
I would hate you for all eternity if you did something bad to me.
But I believe God wants you, if ever so wronged, look at that person in a different way, treat him how he deserves to be treated, but forgive and forget about the hate and resentment.
It’s not worth holding on to and actively hating someone.
Forget and forgive.
pray and keep on.
For some people everything’s bad, though.
There is literally ALWAYS somthing wrong about everything.
They live in this world of scrutiny.
Don’t be like that either.
They’re always bothered they never wanna talk.
A smile could change anyone’s day.
From a simple smile to a simple hug.
It changed mine.
The pastor’s wife noticed I was oddly serious one Bible study.
I felt bothered and reserved.
At the end she asked if I needed one and what happened.
When I didn’t answer and merely looked at her, she approached me and hugged me with a strong, long abrace.
One to remember.
Noone likes to suffer.
That’s why you pray for someone till they’re good.
God bless.
God will let the devil scare you